Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation-CES Therapy Machine

CES Therapy helping with Anti Depressant drug crisis.

CES Therapy helping with Anti Depressant drug crisis.

CES Therapy As An Alternative to Anti Depressant Drugs

Taking antidepressant meds can increase risk of death by up to 33%.  This is according to a recent study conducted by McMaster University.  These drugs can cause the major organs to block the absorption of serotonin, a vital chemical used by the heart, kidney, lungs and liver from the body's bloodstream.  Scientist pooled hundreds of thousands of people to get these results.  They also found that anti depressant drugs can cause cardiovascular problems.  One in eight American currently take anti depressant drugs.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Increases Serotonin Levels

A safe alternative to these drugs is CES cranial electrotherapy stimulation.  Cranial electrotherapy stimulation also known as CES therapy actually increases levels of Serotonin, the vital chemical in your bloodstream that anti depressants can decrease.  Cranial electrical stimulation also stimulates your brain to raise levels of melatonin, in addition to serotonin while decreasing cortisol.  Cortisol can lead to depression and additional stored body fat.  It's important that these chemicals in your system are properly balanced.  When these hormones are balanced, emotional well-being is stabilized, leading to less anxiety, relief from depression and better sleep.  Cranial electrical stimulation aka CES therapy has been FDA to tread depression, anxiety and insomnia.