Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation-CES Therapy Machine

CES therapy while vacationing at the gulf of Mexico

CES therapy while vacationing at the gulf of Mexico

I live in the South Eastern united states so one of the most important things that my family and I do is to try and get away for two weeks a year to the gulf of Mexico.  Our final destinations vary but they always involve white sandy beaches, dolphins, and sunsets are a must.

This past August we spent two weeks at a perfect beach house on the gulf.  The weather was spectacular  and the vacation couldn't have been better.  For this particular trip, I brought along the StimTens MyoCalme CES cranial electrotherapy device and it may have been my most relaxing vacation ever!

The StimTens MyoCalme CES therapy was the ultimate stress relief.  Each day, we spent on the beach for the most part doing a variety activities from swimming to kayaking.  We'd eat dinner early either at the house or by going out to a nearby restaurant.  The most important thing, don't miss the sunset!!!!  So each night, I'd head out to our deck at about 7 pm.  Our deck faced west, overlooking the gulf, so it was perfect.  I'd have the MyoCalme cranial electrotherapy device in one and and maybe or maybe not a glass of wine in the other. Regardless, what I love about the MyoCalme device is that you don't even know you're using it, just place it on your earlobes and turn it on.  I actually talked to our neighbors many times while using it.

The combination of the salt air, sunsets & CES therapy did the trick and that's an understatement, my usual stress & anxiety was practically non existent.  My sleep disorder that usually haunts me until 3 a..m was also on hiatus.  The air would be slightly cooler, the breezes would pick up and the cranial electrotherapy stimulation complimented this perfectly.  I did this ritual every night for two weeks and have honestly felt more refreshed and relaxed than I have in years.  This was the perfect way to reduce anxiety, at times, I felt like I was in another country or world, forgetting that I was only a few hours from my ordinary life.  

I continue to use StimTens cranial electrotherapy stimulation and it definitely helps to reduce my anxiety and help me sleep during my more stressful days.  I may no longer be at the gulf but I feel like I've taken a little back with me, I think of the salt air & sunsets every time that I use my Myocalme now.