Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS)

Electric Muscle Stimulator after using the Flex Belt

Electric Muscle Stimulator after using the Flex Belt

I'm about 6 ft. 240 lbs., Honestly, about 50 pounds too heavy.  I've tried everything, dieting, personal trainers, fasting, etc.  Some things worked ok but I'd always seem to gain the weight back, especially when I travel a lot for work.

I've read a lot about electric muscle stimulators and actually had one used on my shoulder years ago so I went online and decided to try one as part of my exercise program.  When i went online, the most common electric muscle stimulator that came up was the Flex Belt so, without too much thought, I purchased one for an ab exercise machine.

The Flex best was easy enough to use, you just put it on, pressed the power control and it began working, as with most electric muscle stimulators, it worked by sending an electrical signal to the pads within the belt that would contract and relax your muscles.  I figured this would be sufficient as an ab exercise machine.

The Flex belt was not horrible, but right off the bat, I can tell you that the belt never seemed to fit right, I tried adjusting the velcro, electrodes, etc. but it always felt that one side worked MUCH stronger than the other.  On one side it did feel like I got some decent contractions but not nearly as much on the other.  I wasn't sure if it was the electrodes not receiving enough current or if it was because the system itself wasn't powerful enough, I experienced the discrepancy more at higher levels. 

I continued to use the Flex belt electric muscle stimulator for about twelve weeks in all to make sure that I gave it a fair try.  As far as getting positive results, I can say that I did feel a little "tighter" the first couple times I used it, but, as I said, it was more on one side.  There were a few very obvious drawbacks to the Flex Belt that would prevent me from purchasing again:  1.  I reached the highest level after the 3rd week, I'm not sure if this is because I'm over 200 lbs, but for me, it just wasn't powerful enough.  2.  It got wet & moldy after 8 weeks and you can't really wash it. 3.  You can only use it on your midsection.  There is no such thin as spot reducing so if you really wan't to get toned, you need to exercise everywhere; not just your stomach.  There were some other drawbacks to the Flex belt electric muscle stimulator but those were the main ones that I experienced.

I've recently purchased the StimTens TG-BDY electric muscle stimulator and TENS therapy device.  I've only had it about a week so it's too early to tell what the overall results will be but right off the bat, I can say, this is one powerful electric muscle stimulator, I cannot go past the half way mark on the power setting and that's using all eight pads at once.  Also, the variety of programs and pad placement this device offers is awesome.  Seriously, it has programs for your abs, arms, power building, endurance and anything else you can imagine. Also, if/when I hurt myself, I have the TENS therapy ready to go.  So far, I am very impressed with the StimTens TG-BDY electric muscle stimulator, the variety of electrode pads that are included with the device are also a big plus.  

As I said, I've only had the device about a week so it's too early to report on my results and overall performance, but I've really liked the device so far.  I'll re-post in a few weeks when I have more information.

Thank you,

Doug Ellis, Port St. Joe, Florida

Using Electric Muscle Stimulators (EMS) if you're overweight or have high body fat %

Using Electric Muscle Stimulators (EMS) if you're overweight or have high body fat %

"I have a high percentage of body fat, will your StimTens.com electric muscle stimulator machine work for me?"  Yes, It will.

During our day to day conversations or email exchanges with StimTens customers, we get a variety of questions:  How much does it cost?  How long should I use your EMS therapy machine?  Does electric muscle stimulation really work? and many others.  

One consistent question that seems to arise is "I'm overweight and have a lot of body fat, will electric muscle stimulation (EMS) still work for me?" Firstly, the answer to the the question is a definite yes, but there are some explanations.  

The simplest explanation to this answer is that StimTens.com EMS devices have many programs and settings that can suit anyone. Additionally, since body fat is not as dense as muscle, the electrical currents from the electrodes easily penetrate fat layers and then focus on the muscle layers beneath.  We would recommend the TG-5500BDY StimTens EMS device if your primary focus is to reduce body fat and you're a larger individual.  This particular device offers the most power allowed by the FDA for a EMS device, has 4 separate channels and specific programs dedicated to reducing body fat so it's the best electric muscle stimulator machine in the world if your primary goal is to reduce body fat.

This TG-5500BDY device has individual electrodes that can be placed on various sections of the abdominal regions or anywhere else you would like to train/shred.  You may use either 2 x 2 electrodes or 2 x 4 electrodes, both are included with the device.  The advantage of this is that you can choose the specific areas you wish to train.  Additionally, the various programs allow you to constantly "challenge" your body/muscles for optimum conditioning. This is vastly different than the flex belt or many other "cheap" devices that you may see on TV.  The "TV" devices can only be used on one area of your body, are ineffective because they lack power and also get so moldy from moisture, that you'll need to throw them in the trash within 90 days, we've heard this story over and over from our customers.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the TG-5500BDY EMS device if you wish to test this device.  We promise that you won't be disappointed!