How EMS Devices Are Changing The Face Of Traditional Workout

How EMS Devices Are Changing The Face Of Traditional Workout

Have you ever thought what is the secret behind the fitness of the elite athletes? What is it that they do, that is so different that other fitness enthusiast with traditional workout can’t duplicate? Well, a simple answer to all such questions is, EMS machines!

EMS machines are a secret that these athletes and doctors have been keeping for decades. But what are they and do these electronic Ab devices really work? These must be the questions that have come to your mind. Let’s find out the answers.

What are these devices?

As the name suggests, these devices are electrical machines that send electrical signals to the muscles that you wish to train. As the signals sent by our brain to these muscles are also electronic, these machines just mimic the signals sent by our brain. It is thus very natural body process and hence there is no question of it being unsafe. 

These devices are light-weight portable electronic device that comes with various types of pads that conduct the electrical impulses. These pads can be attached to the skin in a way that ensures that a particular muscle is targeted. These machines can be used by both men and women, and are safe for all age groups. 

The user of the device can send a signal at a frequency that then sends a signal to the muscle. This makes the muscle contract naturally exactly the same as when exercising.

Why are these devices useful?

When we use our muscle for too long, they get tired. Similarly, our brain nerves also get tired and start sending weaker signals to our muscles. But, in order to tone your body, you need to push the limits. You need to work harder than what you do usually. Here comes the role of these devices. 

When you use this device, you push your limits without getting as tired as your brain is not producing the signals. Also, because of using an EMS, the target area is very concentrated, so you don’t experience pain in the whole of your body. 

These devices have been in use for decades now. Doctors and physiotherapists have been using these for a very long time for treating their patients. They are also used by athletes to achieve better results. Because of this, the use of the device was very concentrated among a few people and only recently these devices have been made for common people. This has paved way for their mass production, which has reduced the prices of these devices tremendously. 

Once you start using them, you can see the difference within 3 to 6 weeks. Session for 30 to 45 minutes are recommended for good results. If you do not increase your diet during this course, you can see your body will start to lose inches in a month! 

EMS are the new exercise machines for abs. The most important reason why it has gained so much popularity is its effectiveness. Because they have shown good results, more and more people are opting for these. Since you do not have to consume any chemicals, they do not have any side-effect. This makes them worth a try.

Everything You Need To Know About EMS And TENS Machines

Everything You Need To Know About EMS And TENS Machines

 Stimulating muscles with the use of electrical signals generated by artificial means is not very new to us. In the year 1780, an Italian physicist and biologist discovered that the muscles of a dead frog can be stimulated using electricity. This marked the beginning of a new branch of biology, called the bioelectronics. 

Fast-forward to the recent times, we are witnessing this technology actually being used to revolutionize people’s lives. Electrical stimulation therapy is being used to treat problems ranging from muscle spasm and pain to muscle atrophy. 

What are the components of an EMS machine and how does it work?

These EMS machines have a battery in them that generates the electrical impulse. They have electrodes that come in pairs of two, four or six, that are in the form of pads. These pads contain adhesive gels that help it retain the position where it is placed. These electrodes pass the impulse generated by the EMS unit, with the help of lead wires. Very small Amps of current runs from the main unit to the pads. The frequency of the current (Hertz) and pulse duration (microseconds) can be adjusted in the EMS unit. 

Any change in the frequency changes the kind of muscle fiber that the machine targets. There are three kinds of muscle fibers and each of them gets stimulated at a specific kind of frequency. Note that it is not possible to produce all the three frequencies at once. 

What is a TENS machine and how does it work?

TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which is a machine that uses an electrical impulse to treat pain and spasm. The machine looks similar to the EMS machine, but has a completely different role. 

The major difference between the functioning of the two is the frequency at which they work. While EMS machine works in the frequency range of 50 Hertz to 20 Hertz, TENS machine works on frequencies, either above or below this range. 

Relief is provided by TENS machine in the following two ways: 

At Sensory Level: The electrical signals generated by the machine interferes with the pain signals and hence blocks the sensory neurons thereby reducing the sense of pain.

At Motor Level: This stimulation technique causes the body to release chemicals that suppress pain sensation. 

TENS is a machine that is used to treat conditions like muscle sprains, back pains, shoulder pains, scoliosis and sciatica. Improvements have also been witnessed when the machine is used to treat symptoms of asthma. 

Both EMS and TENS machines work by using similar principle and have widespread use either for rehabilitation or for pain-relieving purposes. EMS machines are now increasingly being used for body toning and muscle building too. These have become the new exercise machine for abs. It has been found that people who have used these machines for 8 weeks have reduced their waist size by 3.5 cm. 

Many companies sell EMS and TENS machines as a single unit. This has made buying these devices even more attractive.

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StimTens offers Electric Muscle Stimulators and TENS therapy devices.

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