CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**
CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**
CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**
CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**
CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**
CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**
CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**
CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**
CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**
CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**
CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**
CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**

CES THERAPY DEVICE-ORIGINAL MYOCALME **Presidents Day Clearance 2/17**


Includes Guarantee & Full Warranty



Do you suffer from anxiety symptoms?  sleepless nights due to insomnia? or perhaps depression symptoms that affect your mood and way of life? then you should strongly consider MyoCalme CES therapy. MyoCalme CES therapy is FDA cleared to treat these conditions. In fact, CES therapy is the only FDA cleared device to treat these conditions in the comfort of your home.



To begin your session, simply set your MyoCalme device to your desired settings, the digital display allows you to set your exact time and power. Next, attach your ear clip electrodes, the included carbon electrodes are the best available & very comfortable. And lastly, sit back for 30-minutes a day and while the MyoCalme brings you back into balance. This is achieved by a very small current of electricity that allows you to achieve a state of relaxation by balancing hormones responsible for mood, sleep, anxiety, etc. ,giving you peace of mind and restful sleep The first thing that you will notice is a pleasant tingling sensation that's followed by a feeling of relaxation and calmness. This is what you will experience while using the MyoCalme, a feeling that will accumulate in the weeks and months to come; all without meds or long-term side effects.



CES is a simple non-invasive approach to stress management. The MyoCalme employs mild electrical stimulation through ear clip or cloth electrodes. Low current is limited so that the most a user will experience during the CES session is a slight tingling sensation. CES gently adds energy to back to all parts of the brain, helping to return you to the optimum state before stress factors were activated.




MyoCalme is a safe, effective, and affordable CES therapy device. MyoCalme cranial electrotherapy works by sending a very mild electrical signal to the brain through carbon ear clip electrodes that are placed on your earlobes with a small amount of conductive gel. You will notice a slight pulsing sensation during your session. This experience is somewhat similar to Chinese Acupuncture, where the ending result is: stress relief, decreased pain, improved sleep, heightened awareness, depression relief, etc. . You will typically set the device for 30 minutes, then sit back & relax. You will experience a sense of calmness as your session continues.  The MyoCalme effects are cumulative, you will notice your anxiety diminishing more & more and improvement in your sleep during your future sessions.



The mild electrical pulse that you will experience with MyoCalme triggers your brain to improve hormone balance that affects anxiety, sleep, stress and depression. This balancing of the body's chemistry is how a relaxed state is achieved. The ending results are spectacular! Feel less anxious, sleep better with less stress, and battle depression!
  • +50% Increase in Serotonin, responsible for improved mood/relaxation.
  • +25% Increase in hormones responsible for sleep improvement.
  • +98% Increase to hormones assoc. with decreasing pain.
  • -18% Decrease in cortisol levels that lead to negative stress reactions.*
*CES conducted by biomed program at the University of Texas.
Results are based on mean changes in blood plasma after a CES session.



MyoCalme is a FDA cleared device and is PROVEN to work to relieve the following symptoms.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia


  • Often effective when meds have failed
  • Non addictive
  • PTSD improvement
  • Postpartum mood improvement
  • ADHD improvement
  • No significant side effects
  • Heightened alertness
  • Increased energy
  • Improved focus
  • Lowers cortisol (can help to reduce fat storage)


    A complete user manual will be included with your purchase that will detail the operation of the myocalme.   Recommend usage is to use the device daily for the first few weeks and then you may cut back to every other day if you wish.  Please note that each client responds somewhat differently to CES treatment and electrotherapy in general, so we offer general guidelines for use.  We suggest contacting your medical professional if you have any questions regarding your specific treatment regimen. Additionally, consult your health professional if you stop taking any medications to use the MyoCalme device.  




    • One MyoCalme CES Therapy Stimulator
    • One Pair Of Carbon Ear Clip Electrodes
    • One Lead Wire
    • Two 9V batteries (one extra)
    • One Water Resistant StimTens Carrying Case
    • One Tube Of 15ml. Conductive Gel
    • One User Manual


    Your MyoCalme 2.0 includes a 60-Day return policy. If you are not satisfied with your results, you may return your device. Each device also includes a two-year warranty. The warranty applies to the MyoCalme 2.0 device; not accessories (wires, electrodes & gels).



    Authorization is required for the MyoCalme CES therapy device if it is shipped within the USA. You may obtain authorization for the MyoCalme device in one of two ways, authorization is not required if the device is shipped outside of the USA. Please see the following two options:





    This is the quickest option of obtaining your authorization. Simply click the "OBTAIN MY ONLINE AUTHORIZATION" link below, fill out the quick questionnaire and click submit. This questionnaire will be forwarded directly to a licensed healthcare practitioner (LHP) that will review your form and provide your authorization. There is an $18 charge that you will be prompted to pay immediately after submitting your completed questionnaire. Forms submitted without payment will not be reviewed. You will receive a confirmation email confirming that your authorization has been approved and your device will be shipped out promptly. You may submit your form & $18 payment before or after you purchase the MyoCalme device. If you purchase without submitting a form, we'll send you an email with a link to the form where you will be able to submit it and make your payment.





    You may submit your own authorization from a license healthcare practitioner to StimTens for your MyoCalme purchase. Your Licensed Healthcare Practitioner may include: Medical Doctor, MD, Nurse Practitioner, Chiropractor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Physician Assistant, Acupuncturist and Social Worker. Authorization may be submitted via email to: stimtens@gmail.com or FAX to: 800.329.9212. You may use this: MYOCALME INFORMATION FORM or provide your own script from your physician.


    Purchase of the MyoCalme device includes free shipping to the USA. Your device will be shipped within 24 hours via USPS priority and will arrive in 2 to 3 days, usually 2. Shipments to Canada will be charged at rate of $15 US Dollars. You device will ship within 24 hours via DHL Express. It will typically arrive within 2 days. Shipments outside of the USA & Canada will be charged a rate of $25. Your device will ship vial DHL Express and will typically arrive in 3 to 5 days. The purchaser of the product is responsible for customs charges if they apply, these are typically reasonable.

    Questions? Give us a call at: 800.329.9212 we're happy to help!
    Contraindications for the MyoCalme device are listed in the instruction manual that will be included in your order. Please read this thoroughly before using MyoCalme ces therapy.

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