Myocalme will bring you back to total relaxation. Sit back for 30-minutes a day and bring yourself back into balance. This is what you will experience while using the myocalme device, a feeling that will accumulate in the weeks and months to come; all without medication or long-term side effects.


Myocalme is a safe, effective and affordable CES therapy device. myocalme cranial electrotherapy works by sending a very mild electrical signal to the brain through carbon ear clip electrodes that are placed on your earlobes with a small amount of conductive gel. You will notice a slight pulsing sensation during your session. This is somewhat similar to Chinese Acupuncture where nerve endings are stimulated to enhance your body's chemistry and release endorphins, this results in stress relief, decrease pain, improved sleep, heightened awareness, depression relief, etc. . You will typically set the device for 30 minutes, then sit back & relax. You will experience a sense of calmness as your session continues that will accumulate with time. Your stress levels will improve, along with noticeable relief of anxiety and depression, this will also lead to much better sleep.


The mild electrical pulse that you will experience with myocalme triggers your brain to improve melatonin & serotonin levels (affect mood/sleep/anxiety) while lowering cortisol. Other hormones & body chemicals are also "balanced". This balancing of the body's chemistry is how a relaxed state is achieved. The ending results are spectacular! Feel less anxious, sleep better with less stress and battle depression!

  • *50% Increase in Iserotonin -improves mood & sleep/Increased relaxation
  • 25% Increase in Melatonin-responsible for improving sleep
  • 98% Increase in Beta Endorphin-decreases pain/increase euphoria
  • 24% Increase in Norepinephrine-increases pleasure
  • 18% Decrease in Cortisol-leads to negative reactions to stress


    Myocalme is FDA cleared to improve the following symptoms:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety/Stress
    • Insomnia


    • Often effective when drugs have failed
    • Non addictive
    • No significant side effects
    • Hightened alertness
    • Increased energy
    • Improved focus
    • Assists with lowering blood pressure (by reducing stress)
    • Assists with raising HG-1 Hormone
    • Lowers cortisol (can help to reduce fat storage)


    A complete user manual will be included with your purchase that will detail the operation of the myocalme.   Recommend usage is to use the device daily for the first few weeks and then you may cut back to every other day if you wish.  Please note that each client responds somewhat differently to CES treatment and electrotherapy in general, so we offer general guidelines for use.  We suggest contacting your medical professional if you have any questions regarding your specific treatment regimen. Additionally, consult your physician if you stop taking any medications to use the MyoCalme device.  

    *CES conducted by biomed program at the University of Texas.
    Results are based on mean changes in neurochemicals in blood
    Plasma after a CES session.

    The myocalme CES Therapy device requires authorization from a medical professional if shipped within the U.S.A. Please scroll down to "How To Order" for details on obtaining express authorization.


    Please choose option #1 or #2 below if the myocalme is being shipped within the USA. Authorization is not necessary outside of the U.S.A. You may obtain your authorization before or after you order, we will ship your order as soon as your authorization is received. The average time for online authorization is less than 30 minutes.

    OPTION #1: By clicking Obtain Authorization below, you will be directed to an independent referral website where you may obtain your own authorization for the device by answering a few questions, this is quick & painless with a minimal charge of $18 that will read LNJ Medical on your statement.



    OPTION #2: Submit your own authorization via fax or email. You may click this link in order to print off an authorization form & device details to show your medical professional.

    All contraindications for the MyoCalme device are listed in the instruction manual that will be included in your order. Individuals with pacemakers, medical implants above the neck or those who may have a history of seizures or epilepsy are cautioned against using electrotherapy devices, this includes the myocalme.





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    MyoCalme CES Therapy FAQ's

    Where is the best place to use my CES Therapy Device?

    This is probably the most common question that we get here at StimTens. You should find a quiet, comfortable place when using your CES therapy device, preferably with as few distractions as possible. You may recline if you like, lie down or sit upright, however you feel most comfortable. The great benefit of the MyoCalme device is that you can use it anywhere since it is very indiscreet and uses ear clip electrodes that are very similar in size and shape to ear buds that you may use to listen to music.  MANY of our clients bring it with them to work and use it while on breaks or commuting on the train/plane/bus (don't use while operating a motor vehicle). You may also bring it to the park, nature center, beach or any other place with comfortable surroundings for you.

    How long before I notice results from CES therapy?

    Individuals can respond differently to CES therapy. For some, the results are practically immediate, they notice significant improvement after one or two sessions. For others, it may take a little longer, noticeable improvement may not occur for three to four weeks. Most users do notice continuing improvement as they use the CES therapy device.

    What is the difference between CES Therapy and tDCS?

    We get this question quite often, MyoCalme CES therapy is FDA cleared and triggers a reaction within your brain to stimulate the improvement of hormones to improve anxiety, insomnia & depression symptoms. Specific square waves are used to do this.  tDCS uses a direct current and is not cleared by the FDA as a treatment for any conditions, it's basically no different than hooking wires to a battery & sponge and then placing one end on your head. In regard to tDCS, "tDCS is an experimental treatment and the technology behind it has not been approved by the FDA." -Psychiatry today

    What's the difference between TMS & CES therapy?

    CES therapy is detailed thoroughly throughout this website. As far as TMS therapy, the TMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation. As the name implies, it works by magnetic fields penetrating your brain, very much like an MRI machine. TMS therapy is usually provided for depressed patients in hospital settings. It has shown to be successful in studies but the costs can run several thousand dollars for multiple sessions.

    Should I use the StimTen's CES therapy device before bed?

    You may use your StimTen's CES therapy device anytime. As far as using before bed, it really depends on the individual. In general, it's recommended using the machine about two hours before bed but we do have individuals that swear by using the device less than 30 minutes before going to sleep. According to them, a "calmness" comes over them & they sleep very soundly shortly after use.  In any case, do not use CES therapy while you sleep. Remove the device and turn it off before sleeping.

    Do I need authorization for MyoCalme CES Therapy?

    You do need authorization for the MyoCalme CES therapy device if it's being shipped within the USA. You do not need authorization anywhere else. You may obtain online authorization here: MyoCalme Authorization The authorization process is further described on the MyoCalme product page and on the submission form within the above link

    Why don't I feel any stimulation?

    When first starting off with CES therapy, we recommend a low power setting to get you somewhat acclimated to your session, because of this, the "pulsing/tingling" that you feel may be very, very slight. After acclimation, users will typically increase their power setting. When set properly, the tingling should be somewhat noticeable but comfortable, for some, this may be power level .02 or so, while others are totally comfortable at a .08 power setting. Also, if you think you are not feeling the stimulation as much as you should, try moving the electrodes around a little on your earlobes, this usually helps. Make sure that the battery if fully charged as well.

    How well do the carbon ear clip electrodes work?

    The StimTen's CES MyoCalme stimulator includes one pair of carbon ear clip electrodes with your order. The conductively is excellent with these, additionally, they're extremely convenient and you do not need to keep replacing them. These are the most comfortable & conductive ear clip electrodes available. You simply place a small amount of gel on them & clip them to your ear lobes. They are very discreet enabling you to use the StimTen's CES stimulator anywhere.

    Does it matter how I wear the ear clip electrodes?

    The ear clip electrodes are generally worn so that the contact surface (larger rubber/carbon surface) is placed on the back side of your earlobe, the area closest to your neck.

    Are there alternatives to ear clip electrodes?

    Yes, there are some that prefer alternatives to the ear clip electrodes. For those, we offer cloth rectangular and round electrodes that are placed behind the earlobe. The rectangular and round work the same, it's really just a matter of what shape you prefer. These are available on our accessories page and include instructions when ordered.

    I've been using the device for several weeks and have not noticed improvement

    As mentioned, everyone can respond to CES therapy differently. There are some circumstance where CES therapy may not improve conditions but in most cases, it's very effective, it may take a few weeks though. Users that are not noticing improvement may achieve better results if they change their CES routine. For example, if you're using the device for 30 minutes daily at 3pm and don't notice results after two weeks or so, try breaking up your sessions, 20 minutes earlier in the day and then 20 minutes at night.

    What does cranial electrotherapy stimulation feel like?

    When set correctly, you should experience a mild "pulsing" sensation. It's recommended that you're sitting down for at least the first CES session, in case you experience any dizziness, the dizziness can be perfectly normal. Shortly, thereafter, you should feel a sense of calmness for the remainder of the session.   

    What can cranial electrotherapy stimulation improve?

    The StimTen's CES therapy stimulator is FDA cleared to improve anxiety, depression and insomnia symptoms. Many individuals do use the CES machine for other purposes as well: PTSD, ADHD, various sleep disorders (in addition to insomnia), improving concentration, general relaxation, improving focus, assistance grieving a deceased family member, friend or pet.

    Are there individuals that should not use CES therapy?

    Individuals that wear implanted devices such as implanted nerve stimulators or pacemakers are cautioned against using CES therapy machines. This information is indicated in the user manual that you will receive with your device. Although CES therapy will not cause seizures, those with a history of seizures or epilepsy are cautioned against using CES therapy.

    Why do I feel more stimulation on one side?

    It's very common for electrotherapy devices to feel "stronger" on one side than the other. This is not only true for CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation) but also for EMS and TENS therapy devices. You can often have electrodes on both shoulders, for example, in the same place and with the exact same power, typically, you will feel it more on one side than the other. This is perfectly normal and the power is being distributed evenly to both sides, even though it may feel differently.

    How do I adjust the time/power on my StimTen's CES machine?

    Your device includes easy-to-follow instructions but here's a quick recap:

    1. Turn the side power to the ON position

    2. Press the POWER button on the FACE of the unit

    3. Press the TIMER button on the FACE of the unit

    4. Set your desired time by using down arrows, hold these down while pressing, 30 min. is recommended

    5. Press the power button on face again

    6. Use up arrow to select your power level, hold this down while pressing.

    7. Don't forget to turn the device OFF when done.

    How do I get the Time or Power to go up or down?

    You use the up and down arrows on the face of the unit to adjust your time and power settings. You'll need to hold these buttons down to control the time or power, you will see the display change according on the face of the device as you hold these buttons down.

    Can I use StimTen's CES therapy more than once a day?

    Yes. There are users that break up their sessions into two 20 to 30 minute sessions daily and achieve positive results. This can depend on your schedule and may be worth giving a try to see if you get greater benefit from a single 30 minute session. It's not recommended to go beyond 45 minutes in a single session or use CES therapy more than one hour a day, it's not necessary.  

    Is it ok to drive while using the device?

    You should not drive or operate any machinery while using the device. We suggest finding a comfortable, quiet area and relaxing while you use it.

    Can I stop taking my medication once I begin CES therapy?

    We strongly suggest speaking to a medical professional before stopping or changing any medications.

    Does the MyoCalme CES therapy have any side effects?

    There are no long term side effects with CES therapy. It's very safe and non-addictive. There have been some reports of short-term headaches with approximately one in about 250 users and some reports of short-term vertigo as well. These symptoms typically subside after use.

    Can I return it if it doesn't work for me?

    The myocalme includes a 30 day guarantee so, yes, you may return the device if you find that it's not working for your situation. A 10% restock fee will apply.


    When using the myocalme device for the first time, the first thing that you’ll notice is a tingling sensation on your earlobes, this is the pulse coming from the frequency produced by the device, it’s triggering your brain to balance the key hormones responsible for you mood, sleep & anxiety levels. You may notice that if you try to walk, your balance may be somewhat off, this is perfectly normal but you may want to use the device sitting down until you get acclimated to CES therapy.

    The first few days………….

    You should notice that you’re falling asleep better at night and not waking up as much. You’ll feel more refreshed in the morning due to better sleep and perhaps less medication (if that’s the case). Additionally, you should notice some improvement in your mood and feel less anxious, this will result in less stress.

    Continuing into the second week………

    At the end of week one, you should notice a better sense of balance and calm along with less irritation. Sleep should continue to improve. You should also notice an improvement in your mood and be more focussed.

    By week three………………….

    You should notice a heightened sense of alertness and concentration improvement. Further improvement in mood and sleep with less irritability. You will be able to relax.

    After that………

    Continued improvement with sleep, anxiety, stress & depression symptoms. You may cut back to using the device every other day by approximately week four. This is up to you and if you notice a negative change after cutting back, you may want to use the device again daily or at least five times a week.  

    When you purchase your MyoCalme device, you will receive everything necessary to begin your daily CES therapy routine, this includes:

    • CARBON EARCLIP ELECTRODES with outstanding comfort
    • 2 OZ. Salt-free, Hypoallergenic conductive gel
    • Low battery indicator
    • Lead wire
    • Instruction manual & set up guide
    • 30-DAY GUARANTEE-If you don't like it, we'll take it back
    • Free 2-Day shipping (within USA)

    There are many that benefit from MyoCalme CES therapy.  The MyoCalme balances hormones by sending a mild electrical signal to the brain through ear clip electrodes. Serotonin and melatonin levels are improved, it also reduces cortisol. This leads to fantastic benefits, here are some examples:

    • Using CES therapy to relieve insomnia or sleep disorder symptoms. This  is usually due to stress related sleep deprivation from work, anxiety or stressful life situations. 
    • Using CES therapy to cope with depression. The MyoCalme balances hormones, particularly serotonin, melatonin and reduces cortisol. In this regard, it can act somewhat like medications but without any serious side effects.
    • Using CES therapy to relieve PTSD. Our clients include veterans and others that have been through traumatic experiences and benefit from the MyoCalme device for it's calming effect.
    • Fox anxiety relief. Just about everyone experiences serious anxiety at one time or another. The MyoCalme helps to reduce these symptoms. This leads to better sleep, improved concentration, improved health and countless other benefits.

    The MyoCalme utilizes the most advanced technology available in a CES device, similar devices featuring digital technology sell for over $800. The MyoCalme cranial electrotherapy stimulator features the same technology offered at the top hospitals & clinics that you can use in the comfort of your own home. Some of the technology used in the MyoCalme CES device worth noting includes:

    • Digitally calibrated settings so you can hone in on your precise power level
    • Carbon ear clip electrodes so you can relax in comfort during your session. These are non-invasive, highly conductive, reusable and are not hampered by hair of any length. 
    • Powered by a rechargeable 9V lithium Ion Battery assuring adequate power for all levels, less expense and less environmental impact.
    • A symmetrical bi-phasic square wave is featured with the MyoCalme device, this is digitally calibrated so that you are assured that you are benefiting from the best CES treatment possible. 


    The MyoCalme relieves anxiety, depression and insomnia without drugs.  It's FDA cleared, proven technology that balances the hormones, that include: melatonin, serotonin, cortisol, and others that affect mood, anxiety & sleep. Your moods and emotions are controlled through electrochemical signals in the brain, when the signals aren't functioning properly, the hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate your emotions can become unbalanced. The MyoCalme is able to safely modulate the brains electrochemical signals to bring them back into balance. 


    • Digitally Calibrated Symmetrical Biphasic WaveForm
    • 15Vp @ 500 Ω load Output Voltage
    • 500 µm fixed Pulse Width
    • 5 Hz Frequency


    With a 93% success rate, we do not get many returns but, If you find that the myocalme is not working as your expected, we'll take it back. A 30-day guarantee is honored if you are not satisfied with the performance of the device. A 10% restocking fee applies to returns. 

    If you wish to return the device within 30 days, you can, simply contact us for an RMA# and shipping instructions. We will refund you for your purchase promptly upon inspection of the device less a 10% restock fee.

    The myocalme includes a 5 year warranty from manufacturers defects. The 5 year warranty applies to the physical device and does not apply to lead wires, electrodes, gels or batteries.  


    When you order the MyoCalme from StimTens, it will be tested, packed up and will ship from Atlanta, Georgia usually within about an hour of when your order is placed. You will receive your tracking information via email.

    Your MyoCalme order includes FREE 2 Day Shipping within the USA & to APO addresses via USPS priority mail and will normally arrive in 2 to 3 days.


    For MyoCalme shipments, we only charge $10 to ship to Canada or anywhere else in the world. International shipments are shipped via DHL Express and will typically arrive with 2 to 4 days after placing your order! You will receive your tracking information shortly after your order and your package will be shipped out within 24 hours.  We also include a great water-resistant StimTens carrying case with your MyoCalme purchase.

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