StimTens TG 5500BDY Electronic Muscle Stimulator EMS Therapy Product
StimTens TG 5500BDY Electronic Muscle Stimulator EMS Therapy Product
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Electric Muscle Stimulator & Tens therapy device (Most Powerful)

Electric Muscle Stimulator & Tens therapy device (Most Powerful)

Powerful EMS & TENS Therapy Device

The TG-BODY  is an electronic muscle stimulator/EMS machine & TENS therapy device that is powerful enough for the most demanding athletes & trainers. 

More power means that you can use multiple pads at the same time without sacrificing power.  Also, you will NEVER "outgrow" this device.  It's designed to work with beginners all the way up to advanced power lifters.  This particular device developed from the Korean martial arts community that used it for ab training, strength training and recovery.

The TG-BODY is a electric stimulation machine/TENS unit that is often referred to as an ab machine but it can be used for all muscle groups. 

Additionally, 18 total programs will meet the demands of the most demanding users to develop power and speed in all body parts.  This electric muscle stimulator/TENS machine includes specific programs to aid with active recovery, removing lactic acids to prevent soreness.  This even included TENS programs to relieve pain.  This device truly does it all and is comparable with any "desktop" devices that you will find professional trainers or physical therapists using.

Some features of the TG-BDY:

  • 10 EMS Programs for power, speed, endurance & shredding body fat
  • 8 TENS Programs for pain relief for specific body parts.
  • Improve athletic performance & power!
  • Manual program setting (frequency/time/power) for advanced users.
  • 2-year warranty
  • 60-day money-back guarantee (10% restock fee)
  • FDA cleared

Highlighted uses and results from using the TG-BDY:

  • Strength gains without joint wear & tear
  • Enhances break down in lipids for fat reduction.
  • Pays for itself in less than three sessions.

Product package includes: 

  • TG-BODY Device
  • 4 lead wires
  • Carrying case
  • Adapter & built-in long-life rechargeable power pack
  • (12) 2" x 2 carbon/aloe electrodes (12 total)
  • User Manual with pad placement chart


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