CES therapy as an insomnia treatment

In the days of stressful jobs, mobile devices and endless caffeine consumption, it's no wonder more and more individuals suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders.  Until recently, the alternatives to cure insomnia were somewhat limited:  cut down on caffeine, take over the counters pills, explore homeopathic remedies or relying on prescription drugs are most common insomnia treatments.

Most people have never heard of this but there is another insomnia treatment available, this is CES therapy.  CES stands for cranial electrotherapy stimulation and is a treatment for insomnia that is steadily becoming a more mainstream alternative as an insomnia cure.  CES therapy is a small electrical device that triggers the brain to balance hormones that lead to insomnia and sleep disorders.  CES therapy/cranial electrotherapy stimulation has been cleared by the FDA as an insomnia treatment.  It also improves anxiety and mood.

Most users of cranial electrotherapy stimulation see improvement as they continue to use the device.  Changes in sleep behavior are almost immediate but you can expect improved sleep patterns to emerge over upcoming weeks.

StimTens.com recommends using their CES therapy device about three hours before bed if you are using it as an insomnia treatment.  This gives your body time to "wind down".  If you are seeking an insomnia cure, CES therapy, also known as cranial electrotherapy stimulation may be the answer that you are looking for.