Common questions and trouble shooting for StimTen's CES therapy.

CES Therapy (link) stands for cranial electrotherapy stimulation. This type of stimulation is extremely safe and also proven effective. It works by "sending" a very slight electrical current that stimulates your brain (typical through the use of ear electrodes). This triggers your brain to produce/balance hormones that regulate your mood, sleep and anxiety levels. It's actually very similar to acupuncture.

Individuals can respond differently to CES therapy. For some, the results are practically immediate, they notice significant improvement after one or two sessions. For others, it may take a little longer, noticeable improvement may not occur for three to four weeks. Most users do notice continuing improvement as they use the CES therapy device.

Results Timeline

When using your device for the first time, the first thing that you’ll notice is a tingling sensation on your earlobes, this is the pulse coming from the frequency produced by the device, it’s triggering your brain to balance the key hormones responsible for you mood, sleep & anxiety levels. You may notice that if you try to walk, your balance may be somewhat off, this is perfectly normal but you may want to use the device sitting down until you get acclimated to CES therapy.

The first few days………….You should notice that you’re falling asleep better at night and not waking up as much. You’ll feel more refreshed in the morning due to better sleep and perhaps less medication (if that’s the case). Additionally, you should notice some improvement in your mood and feel less anxious, this will result in less stress.

Continuing into the second week………

At the end of week one, you should notice a better sense of balance and calm along with less irritation. Sleep should continue to improve. You should also notice an improvement in your mood and be more focused.

By week three………………….

You should notice a heightened sense of alertness and concentration improvement. Further improvement in mood and sleep with less irritability. You will be able to relax.

After that………

Continued improvement with sleep, anxiety, stress & mood. You may cut back to using the device every other day by approximately week four. This is up to you and if you notice a negative change after cutting back, you may want to use the device again daily or at least five times a week.

We get this question often, and the simple answer is, all are good and you should benefit from any of the FDA cleared devices that we sell. That having been said, The NEXT GENERATION MYOCALME 2.0 (link) is our most popular device with home users. It's easy to use & features an internal battery. It offers excellent results for improving anxiety, insomnia and mood. We have DEMO MODELS (link) on this device as well, when they are available. Our 1100 PRO SERIES (link) is our most popular device with medical professionals. This device allows the user to "fine tune" his/her session to exact power & time with the help of it's digital interface. It's also somewhat more powerful than the MyoCalme 2.0. THE CES ULTRA (link) is a fantastic, no nonsense, device that has offered reliable results for decades. It features 100 Hz frequency, in general, this device will lean a little more toward improving insomnia, although there are opposing theories.

No. There are a few brands from China: Atang, Lastek and others that can be purchased in the USA but they are not FDA cleared (even though they may say otherwise)These are not FDA cleared devices, which means that they do not meet the FDA standards for CES therapy

Yes. We only sell FDA Cleared CES Therapy Devices

The short answer is that CES therapy is to manage anxiety, sleep, stress and mood. TENS therapy is for pain relief. TENS devices operate using higher frequencies and lower pulse widths, they are designed to treat pain at the surface of the skin, think of electronic aspirin.

CES therapy devices use a lower frequency, a higher pulse width and a square wave form that is designed specifically to work in conjunction with a person's brain, triggering it to balance hormones.

There are many that benefit from CES therapy. CES therapy balances hormones by sending a mild electrical signal to the brain through ear clip electrodes. Serotonin and melatonin levels are improved along with other hormones affecting anxiety, mood & sleep. This leads to fantastic benefits, here are some examples:

Using CES therapy to achieve deeper & longer (stage 3) sleep. This strengthens the immunity system, helps to build bone & muscle and assists with tissue recovery.Using CES therapy to relieve insomnia or sleep disorder symptoms. This is usually due to stress related sleep deprivation from work, anxiety or stressful life situations.Using CES therapy to enlighten mood. CES therapy balances hormones, particularly serotonin, melatonin as well as others. In this regard, it can act somewhat like medications but without any serious side effects.Using CES therapy to relieve PTSD. Our clients include veterans and others that have been through traumatic experiences and benefit from the calming effect.For anxiety relief. Just about everyone experiences serious anxiety at one time or another. CES therapy helps to reduce these symptoms. This leads to better sleep, improved concentration, improved health and countless other benefits.


With a 90% average success rate, we do not get many returns but, If you find that your StimTen's device is not working as your expected, we'll take it back. A 60-day guarantee is honored if you are not satisfied with the performance of the device.

If you wish to return the device within 60 days, you can, simply contact us for an RMA# and shipping instructions. The purchaser of the device is responsible for shipping charges upon purchase and return of the device.

A new StimTen's includes two-year warranty from manufacturers defects. The two-year warranty applies to the physical device and does not apply to lead wires, electrodes, gels or batteries. A one-year warranty is included with pre-owned devices.

We get this question quite often, CES therapy is FDA cleared and triggers a reaction within your brain to stimulate the improvement of hormones to help improve anxiety, insomnia & mood. Specific square waves are used to do this. tDCS uses a direct current and is not cleared by the FDA as a treatment for any conditions, it's basically no different than hooking wires to a battery & sponge and then placing one end on your head. In regard to tDCS, "tDCS is an experimental treatment and the technology behind it has not been approved by the FDA." -Psychiatry today

This is probably the most common question that we get here at StimTens. You should find a quiet, comfortable place when using your CES therapy device, preferably with as few distractions as possible. You may recline if you like, lie down or sit upright, however you feel most comfortable. The great benefit of a portable device is that you can use it anywhere since it is very indiscreet and uses ear clip electrodes that are very similar in size and shape to ear buds that you may use to listen to music. MANY of our clients bring it with them to work and use it while on breaks or commuting on the train/plane/bus (don't use while operating a motor vehicle). You may also bring it to the park, nature center, beach or any other place with comfortable surroundings for you.

The Simple answer is yes, it may help, not as any type of cure*, but by successfully addressing the anxiety, mood, and insomnia underlying these disorders, it can play a major role in the healing process. (link)
CES therapy will help you sleep better; you'll actually get more stage 3 sleep. This is the sleep stage where your immunity system is strengthened.

Once you purchase your CES therapy device from www.stimtens.com, the ongoing costs are very, very minimal.

The MyoCalme 2.0 features an internal rechargeable battery so you will not need to continue to purchase batteries after your initial purchase. Additionally, reusable carbon ear clip electrodes are included with your purchase so you will not need to continually purchase electrodes. These can also get expensive over time. You do have the option of using cloth electrodes with our CES devices, you will need to replace these electrodes after about every 6 to 8 sessions or so. The ear clip electrodes work best with conductive gel, this fortunately, is not very expensive.

CES therapy will help to reduce pain to a certain extent. It will help release serotonin and dopamine, these are hormones associated with pleasure, happiness, mood, etc. and also help you feel less pain. However, this is not the primary function of CES therapy. If you are looking to relieve arthritis, knee pain, back pain, etc., you may want to consider a TENS therapy machine.

You may use your StimTen's CES therapy device anytime. As far as using before bed, it really depends on the individual. In general, it's recommended using the machine about two hours before bed but we do have individuals that swear by using the device less than 30 minutes before going to sleep. According to them, a "calmness" comes over them & they sleep very soundly shortly after use. In any case, do not use CES therapy while you sleep. Remove the device and turn it off before sleeping.

When first starting off with CES therapy, we recommend a low power setting to get you somewhat acclimated to your session, because of this, the "pulsing/tingling" that you feel may be very, very slight. After acclimation, users will typically increase their power setting. When set properly, the tingling should be somewhat noticeable but comfortable, for some, this may be power level .02 or so, while others are totally comfortable at a .08 power setting. Also, if you think you are not feeling the stimulation as much as you should, try moving the electrodes around a little on your earlobes, this usually helps. Make sure that the battery if fully charged as well. Also, it may be that the lead wire is kinked or broken, this may cause weaker stimulation or none at all. The indicated power settings apply to the original MyoCalme CES device, the MyoCalme 2.0 features Low, Med. & High power settings.

The StimTen's CES stimulator includes one pair of carbon ear clip electrodes with your order. The conductively is excellent with these, additionally, they're extremely convenient and you do not need to keep replacing them. These are the most comfortable & conductive ear clip electrodes available. You simply place a small amount of gel on them & clip them to your ear lobes. They are very discreet enabling you to use the StimTen's CES stimulator anywhere.

The ear clip electrodes are generally worn so that the contact surface (larger rubber/carbon surface) is placed on the back side of your earlobe, the area closest to your neck. It does not matter which ear clip goes on which ear.

Yes, there are some that prefer alternatives to the ear clip electrodes. For those, we offer cloth rectangular and round electrodes that are placed behind the earlobe. The rectangular and round work the same, it's really just a matter of what shape you prefer. These are available on our accessories page and include instructions when ordered.

When set correctly, you should experience a very mild "pulsing" sensation, in most cases, you will barely feel the stimulation. Please keep in mind, just because it's a very mild sensation, doesn't mean that it's not working. It's recommended that you're sitting down for at least the first CES session, in case you experience any dizziness, the dizziness can be perfectly normal. Shortly, thereafter, you should feel a sense of calmness for the remainder of the session.

The StimTen's CES therapy stimulator is FDA cleared to help improve anxiety, mood and insomnia. Many individuals do use the CES machine for other purposes as well: PTSD, ADHD, various sleep disorders (in addition to insomnia), improving concentration, general relaxation, improving focus, assistance grieving a deceased family member, friend or pet.

Individuals that wear implanted devices such as implanted nerve stimulators or pacemakers are cautioned against using CES therapy machines. This information is indicated in the user manual that you will receive with your device. Although CES therapy will not cause seizures, those with a history of seizures or epilepsy are cautioned against using CES therapy.

It's very common for electrotherapy devices to feel "stronger" on one side than the other. This is not only true for CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation) but also for EMS and TENS therapy devices. You can often have electrodes on both shoulders, for example, in the same place and with the exact same power, typically, you will feel it more on one side than the other. This is perfectly normal and the power is being distributed evenly to both sides, even though it may feel differently.

You should not drive or operate any machinery while using the device. We suggest finding a comfortable, quiet area and relaxing while you use it.

We strongly suggest speaking to a medical professional before stopping or changing any medications.

There are no long term side effects with CES therapy. It's very safe and non-addictive. There have been some reports of short-term headaches with approximately one in about 250 users and some reports of short-term vertigo as well. These symptoms typically subside after use.

CES therapy does require authorization within the USA. It does not require authorization if it is shipped outside of the USA. Further details on obtaining authorization can be found at the bottom of this page: AUTHORIZATION