3 Benefits to Using CMS Myocalme Device to Improve Your Health

3 Benefits to Using CMS Myocalme Device to Improve Your Health

In many ways, consumers and website owners use a large part of their website as a way to help keep a site and social idioms as a way to keep people ready for the people who want to use the monitor to keep you upset with the website. There are many ways for consumers to use their CMS MyoCalme Device to ensure that patients get the best health from their websites.

CMS MyoCalme Device Can Be Used As A Way to Help Patients with Conditions like Insomnia, and Much More

The CMS MyoCalme Device can be used to instantly help with conditions that can be improved with magnetic pulses to your brain. These treatments are fast and can be used to immediately treat some of the conditions that can be hard to treat if you're on your own. For example, a patient that has one of these MyoCalme Devices can bring it with them, no matter where they go. Furthermore, these devices are so small and portable that people can bring it with them, no matter where they go.

CMS MyoCalme Devices Can Be Used in a Wide Range of Problems.

The CMS MyoCalme Device can help patients the same way that preventative maintenance works. For example, if you feel something like insomnia or another CMS MyoCalme Devices. These tools can be used to help consumers that have a problem with specific issues like insomnia, depression, and other conditions. By using CMS MyoCalme to prevent situations before they get out of hand. These tools can be used as preventative maintenance and for preventing potential health errors from getting out of hand.

CMS MyoCalme Devices Can Be Used for Health Concerns

Keeping up with the various effects that come with the MyoCalme Devices can be very useful for websites that need to have all of the best examines that can be used to keep up with MyoCalme devices. Don't worry, and this effect can be taken with you anywhere you want. You can use this subtly if there are small insomnia, depression, and much more. These devices are improved, so it doesn't matter if you're using it in situations like media where things are getting too stressful.

If you have any questions about using CMS MyoCalme Devices, we can help with all of the things you need to do to have one sent to you. It may only take a few days to get a device approved for you, and our team can help you with all of the issues needed toward getting a new device sent to your home.

For more information about getting started with all you need with this cutting edge technology, send us a message online.

4 Frequently Asked Questions About CES Therapy

4 Frequently Asked Questions About CES Therapy

When most people think of medicine, they picture pharmaceuticals and other chemical compounds. However, some of the latest treatment options for specific conditions are neither surgical or pharmaceutical. Patients can treat conditions like anxiety, depression, and more by using cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) therapy. You can experience the benefits of CES therapy by getting a Myoclame CES device from StimTens. Here are the answers to four frequently asked questions about CES therapy that patients should know.

How Does CES Therapy Work?

CES therapy works by sending electrical pulses to the brain that indirectly stimulate the brain's hypothalamic area. This causes the brain to manufacture various neurohormones, restoring its state to pre-stress homeostasis. With the Myocalme CES device, this stimulation is produced by attaching electrodes to the ear lobes. After a few minutes, the treatment can begin to take effect. Like many treatments that involve human brains, the exact physiological mechanism is still being researched. However, the results speak for themselves, which is why CES devices have been cleared for use by the FDA with a prescription.

IS CES Safe to Use?

When people first hear about CES therapy, the main concerns are about safety. Though CES therapy involves electricity, the process is safe and painless. While the technology was only approved for use in the U.S. relatively recently, CES devices have been used in other parts of the world for decades, and it has an excellent safety record. There are virtually no adverse side effects or significant contraindications from its use. As a treatment method, the National Research Council has called CES therapy "a non-significant risk modality." Patients can try it without worrying about unintended adverse health effects.

What Conditions Can CES Therapy Be Used to Treat?

Many conditions can be helped by CES therapy. There is ongoing research into the various ways that CES therapy can help patients. This FDA–approved, non-invasive treatment that has been shown to significantly decrease anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The symptoms that are treated by CES therapy make these devices good choices for patients suffering from TBI, PTSD, and more. The MyoCalme CES device is handheld and can portable, which means the user can take advantage of the calming effects of CES therapy whenever they need it.

Can I Use CES Therapy With Other Treatment Options?

Whenever you start a new treatment, it's vital to ensure that it won't negatively interact with another medicine or treatment option that you're using. One of the benefits of CES therapy is that there are no known contraindications for the use of CES. For patients who are on an anti-depressant or anxiety medication, CES therapy can be used as an additional means to help patients that don't feel the medication is doing enough. If you would like to try CES therapy, talk to your doctor about getting a prescription.

If you need to get a CES device, you can find high-quality MyoCalme CES devices at StimTens. You can get new equipment, a used machine, and any additional accessories you would like. Send us a message online if you have any questions about getting a MyoCalme CES device.

3 Conditions that Can Be Treated with CES Therapy

3 Conditions that Can Be Treated with CES Therapy

As doctors improve their ability to detect certain conditions, many patients can find themselves saddled with a large number of prescription medications. However, increasing the number of pharmaceutical compounds a person takes increases the risk of harmful side effects and adverse drug interactions. People that want an effective, non-pharmaceutical treatment option for common conditions should consider getting a MyoCalme CES device from Stimtens. Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) uses a cellphone-sized device that stimulates the cranium and brain with a current below four milliamperes which is usually undetectable by the user. Here are three conditions that can be treatable with CES therapy.


One of the ironies of modern society is that many of the things that are designed to make our lives easier often create more reasons to be stressed. Our constantly connected world makes it harder for people to escape their worries, and that has led to a significant increase in the number of people with anxiety issues. CES therapy has been shown to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. One of the benefits of a MyoCalme CES device is that it’s small and discreet, so patients can bring it with them and use it before stressful situations.


Insomnia is another issue that has become more prevalent in modern society. There are many potential causes for this shift, which includes factors such as mobile device use before bed, improper diets, as well as stress and anxiety. Since CES Therapy can help patients manage their anxiety and stress, it makes sense that the device can be used to help with insomnia. The treatment is quick and effective. Most insomnia patients begin to feel the benefits immediately, and some users are able to permanently address sleep disorder issues after using the device for a short time. Best of all, using a CES device to treat insomnia doesn't involve dangerous, potentially habit-forming narcotics.


Depression is another condition that is growing in prevalence in society. Just as there are many causes for depression, there are also multiple ways to treat it. CES therapy has proven to be useful for some patients who need help managing depression. According to one doctor, the "mechanism of action is probably related to changes in cortical brain activity that cause altered connectivity in the so-called 'default mode network' (DMN). Small changes in the DMN translate into sustained changes in the brain's resting state and overall level of arousal, resulting in reduced anxiety." Using a CES device can help reduce the anxiety and stress that are common symptoms and causes of depressions.

These three conditions are the only ones that the MyoCalme device is currently cleared for, but that can change in the future. There is a lot of research that suggests CES therapy can be useful in treating other conditions.

According to Mental Health America, studies and clinical experience also suggest that CES therapy could be beneficial for treating ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cognitive dysfunction, traumatic brain injury, pain, and assaultive behavior.

If you’re interested in getting a MyoCalme device for yourself, you can get one from Stimtens. We have new MyoCalme units, as well as gently used devices that have been returned by people who completed their treatment. Visit our website to learn how you can order a MyoCalme CES device.