Is $500 for an electrotherapy device for Insomnia treatment worth it?

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$500 for an electrotherapy device for Insomnia Treatment, Is it worth it?

If you're having trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia, there's quite a few things that various individuals will recommend, ranging from the more holistic: cut down on caffeine, get up earlier, no coffee after 3 pm, exercise more, and various herbal remedies. And then there are the treatments prescribed by medical professionals. These are usually sleeping pills with various side-effects and most likely, come with a side order of "fogginess". 

Using Electrotherapy to Treat Insomnia

One remedy/device that you may or may not heard of is a CES therapy device. CES is short for Cranial Electrical Stimulation. These devices are FDA cleared as an insomnia treatment. They are also cleared to treat anxiety & depression. Individuals have also reported success treating: PTSD, ADHD, bi-polar disorders, pain relief, concentration, etc. Some even use them while at the dentist. Additionally, we have clients that use these devices prior to workouts and athletic competitions to aid with "pre-game anxiety".

Cranial Electrical Stimulation work as a insomnia treatment by sending a very slight electrical signal to the brain to "balance" the hormones. The effect is practically immediate with no side effects. Once these hormones are balanced, the results are less anxiety, better sleep and basically feeling better. In summary, you're more relaxed & less anxious insomnia symptoms fade away.

The recommended use of these devices can somewhat vary but, in general, you want to use CES therapy as an insomnia treatment about 30 minutes a day. It's recommended NOT to use it just before you go to sleep, use it a few hours before that time. This will provide the best results if you are using electrotherapy to treat insomnia.

Some popular distributors of these devices are: Alpha Stim and Fisher Wallace. The price range for CES devices with these distributors ranges from about $700 to over $1,000, so they are not cheap but may be worth the investment if you're looking for a drug free alternative for sleep disorders.  

Is $500 for an electrotherapy machine worth it

The CES therapy device shown in the above photo is a device from StimTens. The price range on this device starts at about $375 or so, it does feature a digital display and rechargeable battery so a little more budget friendly with all the features.

To summarize, CES therapy aka cranial electrotherapy stimulation may be a great alternative to prescription drugs in the fight to treat insomnia or sleep disorders. Yes, the initial investment may be costly for some but it may end up being cheaper in the long run when you consider the never-ending prescription refills, side effects and possible addictions associated with prescription drugs.