Is Electrotherapy the means to battle depression and anxiety?

Is Electrotherapy the means to battle depression and anxiety?

This is a question that comes up often when discussing various kinds of treatment for depression and anxiety. Of course, the answer is debatable depending on what medical professional that you may speak to.

Depression and anxiety therapy is usually treated with drugs or counseling. Drugs, of course, can include many harmful side-effects while counseling can get very expensive at $200 plus per hour and also be time consuming. Counseling will usually involve missing work or having to go after hours during peak traffic times, many individuals will stop attending counseling because of these reasons.

A safe alternative to improve anxiety and depression symptoms is Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation or CES Therapy for short.

Cranial Electrical Stimulation is an FDA cleared device to improve depression and anxiety symptoms. It works by sending a very slight electrical signal to the brain to "balance" the hormones. The effect is practically immediate with no side effects. Once these hormones are balanced, the results are less anxiety, depression relief and basically feeling better. 

There are several manufactures of CES devices Alpha Stim, Fisher Wallace, CES Ultra and StimTens MyoCalme are all FDA cleared CES therapy devices to treat depression and anxiety. 

As far as the best means to battle depression & anxiety.....

that's something that individuals may want to discuss with their medical professional but cranial electrotherapy stimulation should definitely be worth considering, especially if you are experiencing side-effects from prescription drugs, having difficulty sleeping or finding counseling sessions costly or time consuming.