CES Therapy Device: The StimTens 1100 Pro. Model
CES Therapy Device: The StimTens 1100 Pro. Model
CES Therapy Device: The StimTens 1100 Pro. Model
CES Therapy Device: The StimTens 1100 Pro. Model
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CES Therapy Device: The StimTens 1100 Pro. Model

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Type:   CES Therapy Device
Brand   StimTens
Model:  StimTens 1100 Pro.
FDA Clearance: Yes
Use:     30 Minutes Daily
Power  Source: 9 Volt Battery
Power Settings: .01 to 1.5 amps
Hz:      0.5
Wave Form: Bi-Phasic Square Wave
Electrodes:  Ear Clip or cloth
Guarantee:  60 Days
Warranty:   One Year
Auth. Required In USA:  Yes

The StimTens 1100 Pro. CES therapy device is of professional quality, FDA cleared and a favorite among health care professionals and home-use customers alike This quality device that allows you to digitally adjust both the time and power. 
This device is cleared by the FDA to improve mood, anxiety, stress and insomnia symptoms. The .5Hz frequency is ideal for all of these conditions and is shared by the most expensive CES devices available.Additionally, you may customize the time from 15 to 120 minutes and adjust the power from .1 milliamps up to 1.5 milliamps. The average user will use the device for approx. 30 minutes @ about .6 or .7 milliamps, but that can vary depending on the user. 


Your user manual will instruct you how to set the device. Also included is a quick setup guide along with instructions for setting the device to the ideal CES experience.  As far as setting the device, you only need to adjust your power & time, once you do that, clip on your carbon ear clip electrodes (may also use cloth) with a drop of StimTen’s conductive gel, then sit back and relax for 30 minutes.  If possible, try to use the device sometime between morning and within two hours of when you normally go to sleep.


During your session, you will probably notice a mild tingling sensation on your earlobe, you may even feel this somewhat around your temples, this is a relaxing sensation.

What’s occurring is the balancing of hormones that are responsible for regulating sleep, anxiety & mood. These include: melatonin, serotonin & others.  The tingling sensation is the result of a very small (and harmless) electrical current, this is actually very similar to acupuncture, this current triggers your brain to produce hormones & endorphins that are responsible for your emotional state.

Helping to Improve anxiety, mood and insomnia symptoms but it offers many additional benefits. Our clients purchase this device for a variety of reasons in addition to what is mentioned above, some of these include: to reducing stress levels when trying to quit smoking, to help cope with a job loss, to help alleviate mood swings while dieting, to ease stress at home, and many others......


complete user manual will be included with your purchase that will detail the operation of your 1100 Pro. CES Therapy device.  Recommended usage is to use the device daily for the first few weeks and then you may cut back to every other day if you wish.  Please note that each client responds somewhat differently to CES treatment and electrotherapy in general, so we offer general guidelines for use.  We suggest contacting your medical professional if you have any questions regarding your specific treatment regimen. Additionally, consult your health professional if you stop taking any medications to use the CES device.  INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE:

    • ✔️ StimTens 1100 Pro. CES Therapy Device
      ✔️ One Pair Of Carbon Ear Clip Electrodes & One Pair Cloth Electrodes
    • ✔️ One Lead Wire
      ✔️ 9V Battery
      ✔️ Zippered pocket storage case
      ✔️ One Tube Of 15ml. Conductive Gel
      ✔️60-Day Guarantee
      ✔️One-Year Warranty
    • ✔️ One User Manual 



ALL FDA CLEARED CES THERAPY DEVICES REQUIRE AUTHORIZATION IF THEY ARE WITHIN THE USA. If they do not, they are not CES therapy devices, they are overpriced TENS units.  Authorization is required if the device is shipped within the USA. You may obtain authorization in one of two ways, authorization is not required if the device is shipped outside of the USA. Please see the following two options:



This is the quickest option of obtaining your authorization. Simply click the "OBTAIN MY ONLINE AUTHORIZATION" link below, fill out the quick questionnaire and click submit. This questionnaire will be forwarded directly to a licensed healthcare practitioner (LHP) that will review your form and provide your authorization. There is an $18 charge that you will be prompted to pay immediately after submitting your completed questionnaire. Forms submitted without payment will not be reviewed.

You will receive a confirmation email confirming that your authorization has been approved and your device will be shipped out promptly. You may submit your form & $18 payment before or after you purchase your device. If you purchase without submitting a form, we'll send you an email with a link to the form where you will be able to submit it and make your payment.




You may submit your own authorization from a license healthcare practitioner to StimTens for your purchase. Your Licensed Healthcare Practitioner may include: Medical Doctor, MD, Nurse Practitioner, Chiropractor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Physician Assistant, Acupuncturist and Social Worker. Authorization may be submitted via email to: stimtens@gmail.com or FAX to: 800.329.9212. You may use this: INFORMATION FORM or provide your own script from your physician.


Your CES 1100 Pro. device will at a flat rate of $5.99 within the United States, this includes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam and all APO military addresses. Your package will be shipped out within 24 hours of your purchase and will arrive within a few days. You will receive tracking information via email.

There is a $25 flat rate fee to ship to Canada. Canada packages will be shipped via DHL or UPS and will normally arrive within 3 to 5 days. The purchaser is responsible for customs charges & taxes if they apply. 

 A $45 flat rate is applied to all international orders outside of USA & Canada. Packages will typically ship via DHL or UPS. The purchaser is responsible for customs charges & VAT fees if they apply. These can vary from country to country. 

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