Three Big Uses of CES Therapy & TENS Machines

As a top CES device and TENS machine provider in the Atlanta area, we hear a lot of questions about these types of equipment and what they do. We offer our customers high quality Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) gear, as well as some Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines and we make it our business to be knowledgeable about how these are used by customers.

Because this is part of the frontier of Western medicine, it can be a little more subjective than other types of treatments. Our customers like to know the benefits of these devices as well as the functionality.

A comparison chart of CES stimulators can be found HERE

Here are three ideas about how TENS/CES equipment is commonly used: CES for Anxiety and Depression

Cranial electrotherapy stimulation has been a go­to method for many people who are struggling with various forms of anxiety and depression, such as panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety and more. Certain devices have been FDA cleared for these uses. CES offers a non­drug method of treatment for anxiety and depression problems that affect so many millions of Americans each year.

CES for Sleep Disorders

Another big use of CES gear is in the treatment of insomnia and various sleep disorders.

Again, prior to the advent of these types of equipment, patients often went directly to using substances to help them sleep. You've heard about self­medicating, where those avoiding modern medical care simply use alcohol or other soporifics to get the sleep that they need. That's kind of a worst case scenario, and some patients actually get prescribed a sleeping pill or use natural items like melatonin.

In any case, sleep is critically important, and affects every area of our lives. People who do not get enough deep sleep on a continual basis run the risk of suffering from various secondary health problems and quality of life issues.

CES devices can be a frontline method of treatment for sleep disorders, and that on its own can be a very attractive reason for a medical office to purchase these devices.

Improving sleep quality improves our health – and having a non­substance, non­invasive way to cure these types of issues is a big value to people.

TENS therapy and Athletics

TENS equipment is often used by both athletes and non­athletes to stimulate muscles. While there is a consensus that TENS therapy doesn't really stimulate muscle enough

to build new muscle, dealing with contracting and expanding muscles can be critically valuable for many of those who want to enhance their performance, or even just stay safer while doing recreational or team athletics. Changing the ways that our muscles work changes the ways that we work out, as any fitness pro will tell you!

Talk to StimTens WorldWide LLC about all of the uses that medical offices can get out of these innovative cutting­edge machines. We specialize in providing CES and TENS gear that is built to do what it is intended to. Our CES machines include a 30­day trial period.

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