3 Conditions that Can Be Treated with CES Therapy

3 Conditions that Can Be Treated with CES Therapy

As doctors improve their ability to detect certain conditions, many patients can find themselves saddled with a large number of prescription medications. However, increasing the number of pharmaceutical compounds a person takes increases the risk of harmful side effects and adverse drug interactions. People that want an effective, non-pharmaceutical treatment option for common conditions should consider getting a MyoCalme CES device from Stimtens. Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) uses a cellphone-sized device that stimulates the cranium and brain with a current below four milliamperes which is usually undetectable by the user. Here are three conditions that can be treatable with CES therapy.


One of the ironies of modern society is that many of the things that are designed to make our lives easier often create more reasons to be stressed. Our constantly connected world makes it harder for people to escape their worries, and that has led to a significant increase in the number of people with anxiety issues. CES therapy has been shown to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. One of the benefits of a MyoCalme CES device is that it’s small and discreet, so patients can bring it with them and use it before stressful situations.


Insomnia is another issue that has become more prevalent in modern society. There are many potential causes for this shift, which includes factors such as mobile device use before bed, improper diets, as well as stress and anxiety. Since CES Therapy can help patients manage their anxiety and stress, it makes sense that the device can be used to help with insomnia. The treatment is quick and effective. Most insomnia patients begin to feel the benefits immediately, and some users are able to permanently address sleep disorder issues after using the device for a short time. Best of all, using a CES device to treat insomnia doesn't involve dangerous, potentially habit-forming narcotics.


Depression is another condition that is growing in prevalence in society. Just as there are many causes for depression, there are also multiple ways to treat it. CES therapy has proven to be useful for some patients who need help managing depression. According to one doctor, the "mechanism of action is probably related to changes in cortical brain activity that cause altered connectivity in the so-called 'default mode network' (DMN). Small changes in the DMN translate into sustained changes in the brain's resting state and overall level of arousal, resulting in reduced anxiety." Using a CES device can help reduce the anxiety and stress that are common symptoms and causes of depressions.

These three conditions are the only ones that the MyoCalme device is currently cleared for, but that can change in the future. There is a lot of research that suggests CES therapy can be useful in treating other conditions.

According to Mental Health America, studies and clinical experience also suggest that CES therapy could be beneficial for treating ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cognitive dysfunction, traumatic brain injury, pain, and assaultive behavior.

If you’re interested in getting a MyoCalme device for yourself, you can get one from Stimtens. We have new MyoCalme units, as well as gently used devices that have been returned by people who completed their treatment. Visit our website to learn how you can order a MyoCalme CES device.

5 Things You Should Know About MyoCalme CES Therapy

5 Things You Should Know About MyoCalme CES Therapy

Over the past few years, interest in cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) has grown dramatically. This portable, non-pharmaceutical therapy is used to treat issues like insomnia, depression, anxiety, and more. This isn’t just some fad gadget health product. The Food and Drug Administration has cleared equipment like the Myocalme CES Therapy device to help users with a range of conditions. If you’re curious about trying CES therapy, here are five things you should know about a MyoCalme device.

You Won’t Spend Money On Batteries

Not only is the MyoCalme beneficial for your health, it’s also cost effective and “green” for the environment. Unlike other FDA cleared CES devices, that use MANY disposable batteries, the MyoCalme CES therapy device includes a rechargeable battery that you may use over and over. In fact, the new MyoCalme 2.0 model, available August 2019, includes an internal rechargeable battery that recharges in a few hours. This is the only FDA cleared device that includes this feature.

Your MyoCalme Device Can Be Used Anywhere

When people think about medical equipment, it's often bulky apparatuses that need to be used in a select location and at a particular time. For example, a dialysis machine isn't going anywhere. One of the benefits of the MyoCalme devices you can get from StimTen is that it can be used anywhere. MyoCalme devices are small and lightweight. They can easily be stored in a purse, bag, briefcase, or pocket. This portability means patients can take advantage of the benefits of CES therapy whenever they need it. 

The Best Place to Use a MyoCalme Device

Though a MyoCalme CES device can be used anywhere, there are some recommendations for the best place to use it. If possible, you should find a quiet, comfortable position when using your CES therapy device. Preferably, a place with as few distractions as possible. Once you've found your spot, you may recline, lie down, or sit upright; however you feel most comfortable. Even in stressful situations, it's possible to find a quiet spot where you can relieve your stress by using a MyoCalme device. One main advantage of the MyoCalme device is that it is very discreet, thanks to the earclip electrodes, it simply appears like you’re listening to music on your smartphone when you’re using it so you’re welcome to take it to your favorite place to relax.

Length of Treatment

Customers that use CES therapy often report benefits as soon as they start using their device, while others may take a few weeks before they notice lasting results. The results can be somewhat different depending how individuals respond to electrotherapy. One thing to keep in mind, is that the positive results are cumulative so you will continue to see improvement over time. The recommended length of a MyoCalme session is typically 30 minutes.

No-Risk Trial from StimTens

You can order a MyoCalme device online from StimTens, you will need to get authorization from a health professional or through the StimTens website in order to purchase the MyoCalme. We take all of the risks of buying a MyoCalme device by offering a 30-day guarantee. Most customers begin to experience positive benefits from CES therapy in the first few weeks and then continue to use the MyoCalme for a lifetime and recommend it to their friends. Those who don’t experience the positive results that they expect may return the device within 30 days.

Send us a message online if you would like to know more about CES therapy and what you need to do to get your own MyoCalme device.
4 Benefits to Using a MyoCalme Device for CES Therapy

4 Benefits to Using a MyoCalme Device for CES Therapy

The human brain is a very sophisticated organ, and there is still much that we don't know about the way it operates. One thing we do know about the brain is that it is controlled by electrical signals. The electrical activity in your brain regulates everything from your heartbeat to your hormone levels. Using an FDA-approved cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) device, such as a MyoCalme device, to modulate signals to your brain can have positive health benefits.

Here are four benefits to using a MyoCalme device for CES therapy.

Portable CES Treatment

With a name like cranial electrotherapy, many people assume that CES treatment requires large, expensive machinery. However, one of the benefits of CES is therapy is that it's easy to use, and the equipment is very portable. CES devices like Myocalme use a cell phone-sized apparatus that stimulates the cranium, so it can easily be carried in a pocket, purse, bag, or briefcase. And though electrotherapy may sound a little intimidating, CES devices use currents below four milliamps, which means they usually can't even be sensed by the consumer.

FDA-Approved Treatment

CES therapy is a non-pharmaceutical treatment for various conditions, and that fact can make some consumers wary. There are many products on the market that claim to use electrical currents for ways that aren’t substantiated by research. However, CES devices, like MyoCalme, have been recognized by the FDA as a treatment for treatment of depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. CES therapy is a legitimate treatment option, and authorization is required in order to purchase a device in the U.S.A. Mental Health America noted that research for CES therapy was “promising” and that “given minimal side effects, experimentation with CES is a reasonable choice if other treatments prove ineffective or are poorly tolerated.”

Beneficial for Treating Several Conditions

CES therapy has been around internationally for over 50 years, but it’s only recently begun to gain traction in the U.S. Enough studies have been done to establish the benefits of CES therapy in treating some conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Additional studies and clinical trials suggest other conditions can be helped by using CES therapy. People with conditions like ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, cognitive dysfunction, and traumatic brain injury should consider asking their doctor if CES therapy could be an option.

Can Be Used in Conjunction with Other Treatment

One of the benefits of CES therapy is that it addresses medical issues in a way that’s different from most other treatment options. This factor means that CES therapy can often be used in

conjunction with another treatment option without worry. A patient who is already taking medication for depression can use a Myocalme device to help with their anxiety without worrying about adverse drug interactions. There are no known contraindications to the use of CES. And any side effects are uncommon and of minimal severity.

Like any treatment option, CES therapy won't work for everyone. However, given the potential benefits and the lack of dangerous side effects make it something worth trying. If you're like most people, you will have positive outcomes from using the CES device. And if you don't, you won't be any worse off, and you can sell the used equipment to someone else who wants to try CES therapy.

You can buy a Myocalme CES device online from Stim Tens. We have new and used models, along with all the accessories you might need. If you have any questions about the process of getting a MyoCalme device, send us a message online to learn more.