MyoCalme CES Therapy FAQ's

How long before I notice results from CES therapy?

Individuals can respond differently to CES therapy. For some, the results are practically immediate, they notice significant improvement after one or two sessions. For others, it may take a little longer, noticeable improvement may not occur for three to four weeks. Most users do notice continuing improvement as they use the CES therapy device.

Should I use the StimTen's CES therapy device before bed?

You may use your StimTen's CES therapy device anytime. As far as using before bed, it really depends on the individual. In general, it's recommended using the machine about two hours before bed but we do have individuals that swear by using the device less than 30 minutes before going to sleep. According to them, a "calmness" comes over them & they sleep very soundly shortly after use.  In any case, do not use CES therapy while you sleep. Remove the device and turn it off before sleeping.

Why don't I feel any stimulation?

When first starting off with CES therapy, we recommend a low power setting to get you somewhat acclimated to your session, because of this, the "pulsing/tingling" that you feel may be very, very slight. After acclimation, users will typically increase their power setting. When set properly, the tingling should be somewhat noticeable but comfortable, for some, this may be power level .02 or so, while others are totally comfortable at a .08 power setting. Also, if you think you are not feeling the stimulation as much as you should, try moving the electrodes around a little on your earlobes, this usually helps. Make sure that the battery if fully charged as well.

How well do the carbon ear clip electrodes work?

The StimTen's CES MyoCalme stimulator includes one pair of carbon ear clip electrodes with your order. The conductively is excellent with these, additionally, they're extremely convenient and you do not need to keep replacing them. These are the most comfortable & conductive ear clip electrodes available. You simply place a small amount of gel on them & clip them to your ear lobes. They are very discreet enabling you to use the StimTen's CES stimulator anywhere. 

Does it matter how I wear the ear clip electrodes?

The ear clip electrodes are generally worn so that the contact surface (larger rubber/carbon surface) is placed on the back side of your earlobe, the area closest to your neck.

I've been using the device for several weeks and have not noticed improvement

As mentioned, everyone can respond to CES therapy differently. There are some circumstance where CES therapy may not improve conditions but in most cases, it's very effective, it may take a few weeks though. Users that are not noticing improvement may achieve better results if they change their CES routine. For example, if you're using the device for 30 minutes daily at 3pm and don't notice results after two weeks or so, try breaking up your sessions, 20 minutes earlier in the day and then 20 minutes at night.

What does cranial electrotherapy stimulation feel like?

When set correctly, you should experience a mild "pulsing" sensation. It's recommended that you're sitting down for at least the first CES session, in case you experience any dizziness, the dizziness can be perfectly normal. Shortly, thereafter, you should feel a sense of calmness for the remainder of the session.   

What conditions does cranial electrotherapy stimulation improve?

The StimTen's CES therapy stimulator is FDA cleared to improve anxiety, depression and insomnia symptoms. Many individuals do use the CES machine for other purposes as well: PTSD, ADHD, various sleep disorders (in addition to insomnia), improving concentration, general relaxation, improving focus, assistance grieving a deceased family member, friend or pet. 

Are there individuals that should not use CES therapy?

Individuals that wear implanted devices such as implanted nerve stimulators or pacemakers are cautioned against using CES therapy machines. This information is indicated in the user manual that you will receive with your device. Although CES therapy will not cause seizures, those with a history of seizures or epilepsy are cautioned against using CES therapy. 

Why do I feel more stimulation on one side?

It's very common for electrotherapy devices to feel "stronger" on one side than the other. This is not only true for CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation) but also for EMS and TENS therapy devices. You can often have electrodes on both shoulders, for example, in the same place and with the exact same power, typically, you will feel it more on one side than the other. This is perfectly normal and the power is being distributed evenly to both sides, even though it may feel differently. 

How do I adjust the time/power on my StimTen's CES machine?

Your device includes easy-to-follow instructions but here's a quick recap:
1. Turn the side power to the ON position
2. Press the POWER button on the FACE of the unit
3. Press the TIMER button on the FACE of the unit
4. Set your desired time by using down arrows, 30 min. is recommended
5. Press the power button on face again
6. Use up arrow to select your power level 
7. Don't forget to turn the device OFF when done.

Can I use StimTen's CES therapy more than once a day?

Yes. There are users that break up their sessions into two 20 to 30 minute sessions daily and achieve positive results. This can depend on your schedule and may be worth giving a try to see if you get greater benefit from a single 30 minute session. It's not recommended to go beyond 45 minutes in a single session or use CES therapy more than one hour a day, it's not necessary.  

Where should I use my CES therapy device?

Users will benefit most from their session if they find a quiet relaxing place to use the StimTen's CES Stimulator. Best results occur with few distractions. Turn off the phone & TV and relax. Many individuals play soft background music during their sessions as well. You can take the device with you anywhere, so if you wish to use it away from home, feel free. 

Is it ok to drive while using the device?

You should not drive or operate any machinery while using the device. We suggest finding a comfortable, quiet area and relaxing while you use it.

Can I stop taking my medication once I begin CES therapy?

We strongly suggest speaking to a medical professional before stopping or changing any medications.

Are there any side effects while using cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES).

There are no long term side effects with CES therapy. It's very safe and non-addictive. There have been some reports of short-term headaches with approximately one in about 250 users and some reports of short-term vertigo as well. These symptoms typically subside after use.

What's included with my purchase?

You will receive everything you need when your order your StimTen's CES therapy device. Within your package you will find: The MyoCalme CES therapy device, two sets of wires (one extra), one pair of carbon electrodes, a user manual, one quick start guide, one 9V rechargeable battery, one battery charger, one tube of conductive gel & one carrying case to hold the device & accessories.