The Steps to Getting a MyoCalme CES Device

Many consumers are eager to get their hands on a MyoCalme device once they learn about the potential benefits of cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES). It’s a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatment option for anxiety, insomnia, depression, and more. These devices aren’t some fad trend. These devices are cleared by the FDA and have been shown to be effective for the issues mentioned earlier. StimTens is the best place to shop online for MyoCalme devices, the MyoCalme is an excellent choice for many individuals but there are some initial steps required in order to receive your device.

Make Sure MyoCalme is Right For You

Cranial electrotherapy stimulation is a legitimate treatment option for several conditions, and individuals in the USA are required to submit an authorization to receive the device. If you suffer from issues related to stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, etc., you may be a good candidate for CES treatments. Because CES therapy is relatively new, many doctors & health professionals don’t think to suggest it to their patients. If you let your health professional know that you’re interested in trying CES therapy, they will let you know if it’s an appropriate option for you. CES treatments, like the MyoCalme device, don’t use pharmaceuticals and are

non-addictive, so most physicians are more than happy to let their patients try this alternative when it’s suggested. StimTens actually received most of their business from health professional referrals.

Submitting Your Authorization

There are two ways for consumers to provide their authorization information. The fastest method is to use our online authorization that is available directly on the website. You fill out a quick questionnaire, which we then submit to a licensed health professional to confirm, this process typically takes less than 30 minutes. There's an $18 fee for this online processing, but once it's approved, we can immediately send out your MyoCalme device.

You can also submit your own authorization that has come from a licensed health professional. The authorizing practitioner can include a medical doctor (MD), nurse practitioner, chiropractor, psychiatrist, psychologist, physician assistant, acupuncturist, or a social worker (in some cases). Contact us if you have any questions about the authorization process.

Choose a New or Used MyoCalme Device

Stimten’s offers both new or gently-used MyoCalme devices. Both devices will work well and are guaranteed by StimTens. However, used devices are less expensive, with the only difference being some minor wear and tear. Whether you choose used or new, StimTens has the MyoCalme CES device for you.

Another thing to consider at this junction is the way you intend to attach the electrode to your ear. The MyoCalme device has comfortable ear clips that are easy to use. However, some users prefer the included 1" x .5" cloth electrodes. These alternatives can be placed just behind the ear in the small indentation just behind the earlobe. Depending on the style you plan on using most, StimTens has accessories you may want to buy while ordering your device.

If you have any questions about cranial electrotherapy stimulation, the MyoCalme device, or how to get one, StimTens is here to help. You can contact us online, call us at 1-800-329-9212, or use the live chat on our site to get the information you need.

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