3 Situations Where You Should Use Your MyoCalme CES Device

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation is an FDA-approved therapy that can treat a range of health conditions. One of the best things about this surgery free, non-pharmaceutical treatment is that you can bring the system with you wherever you go. The STIM-TENS Mycolcame Device is a handheld CES treatment device. Here are four situations where you should consider using your MyoCalme Device. 

In the Bedroom

CES therapy has been shown to have a significant impact on reducing the symptoms of insomnia. This useful ability gives you a reason to use your MyoCalme device in your bedroom before bed. In research cited by the publication, Practical Pain Management, “After 30 minutes of stimulation daily for ten days, it was found that those patients receiving actual CES went to sleep faster, awoke fewer times during the night, spent more time in Stage IV sleep, and reported feeling more rested the following morning.” The same study found that the effects lasted over time. When the subjects were followed up years later, the ones who used CES therapy were still getting a better night’s rest.

Before Heading Into a Stressful Situation

Another benefit of CES therapy is reducing stress and anxiety. Using MyoCalme before heading into a stressful situation, such as a college exam or an important business meeting, you can reduce the anxiety that may prevent you from doing your best. CES therapy is believed to work by influencing changes in cortical brain activity that cause altered connectivity in the so-called default mode network (DMN). The CES devices cause small changes in the DMN which lead to changes in the brain's resting state and overall level of arousal, with the result being reduced anxiety. Though the science can be difficult to understand, the medical equipment based on these principles is easy to use. To use MyoCalme, simply attach the ear clip electrodes, set the time and power, then sit back and relax for 20 to 30 minutes. 

When You Need Help with Depression Symptoms

CES therapy is also an effective treatment option for people with depression. Patients with depression often report positive results after the first treatment, with most reporting positive results within the first few weeks. Some patients can use a CES device to supplement or replace their pharmaceutical-based treatment. Another reason to consider CES therapy is that it's a cost-effective solution when compared to daily medications. You only have to buy the CES device once, rather than continually purchase medication refills.

Though CES therapy is effective and easy-to-use, you need a doctor’s permission first. Before you get a prescription for a CES device, your doctor will use several tests to see how well you may respond to CES therapy. Once you get your prescription, it’s time to get your MyoCalme Stimulator device.

Watch this video review of the MyoCalme stimulator device to learn more and see it in action. You’ll see that it’s powerful and advanced enough for a professional, but simple enough that anyone can use. You can buy a MyoCalme Device from our online store, and you can even save money by getting a gently-used MyoCalme stimulator from someone who completed their CES therapy. 

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