News-How CES Therapy can build the immune system by allowing deeper sleep.

StimTens offers Electric Muscle Stimulators and TENS therapy devices.

StimTens offers Electric Muscle Stimulators and TENS therapy devices.

StimTens WorldWide, LLC. The world’s finest muscle stimulators, TENS & CES therapy devices.

We just wanted to take this chance to introduce ourselves as we further develop our online store and reach out to our customers to say thank you for the continued positive accolades you’ve given our products, you've been incredible and we appreciate all of your wonderful support.

For those of you that are not yet familiar with, we are a private company owned and operated by health professionals. We offer the world’s finest electric muscle stimulators ,  TENS therapy & CES devices. Our hand-held units, like the TG5000-BDY will outperform even the most expensive units you'll find at the highest-end day spas or physical therapy centers for that matter.

We've recently included MyoCalme CES therapy for insomnia & anxiety disorders.  We've introduced this incredible device because we believe that the body & mind should be in balance & want to help our customers with both their physical & mental well being. 

We realize that the majority of us are not extreme weight lifters or cross-fitters hitting the gym every morning at 5 am.  In other words, we offer the best products available that cater to people with busy life-styles for all levels of fitness.  

At, our goal is to help our clients achieve bodies & minds that are in harmony and to better their every day lives. In essence, to improve through a combination of technology and your own determination.  Thank you again for sticking with Stimtens.  Sincerely, The StimTens Team.